One of the joys of being commissioned is that someone else is having input into the concept for the piece … one might almost say they are ‘calling the tune’! ¬†As a result, I get to work on something that would not come my way without the commissioner’s ideas.

Works in my portfolio (click on the links below) that were the result of commissions include:

A sonata for trumpet and organ
The oratorio ‘The Crown of Life’ – commissioned by the Philomusica of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.
My string quartet – commissioned by Alla Sirenko for a concert in L’vov, Ukraine

4 operas – performed at various festivals over the last 5 years.

If you would like a piece written for your choir or orchestra, for a special concert you are giving, or as a special present for someone (e.g. a setting of a favourite poem), please make contact with me using this link.

I particularly enjoy writing pieces to help people who are learning an instrument. This can be as a special piece to inspire them further or maybe to address a particular issue that they are trying to master. If you are teacher interested in having a piece specially written for one of your pupils, do please get in touch. Examples in my portfolio include:

My viola sonata – written for an advanced viola student who played in the NYO.

‘Toby and Haris in the Pickling Jar’ – a piano duet written for two talented young pupils of a piano teacher colleague.

Smartie Pants – a piano piece written for an eight-year-old who loves key changes and double sharps!

Music and orchestration for songs with original words.